The 5th annual Keller Cup has been organized again this year on the 27th June with a total 12 teams, 6 Nations and more than 130 football players.

The results of the tournament:

1. KGS Keller Geräte & Service GmbH (Germany)

2. Keller France 2

3. Keller France 1

4. Keller Poland North

5. Keller SEE (South East Europe)

6. Keller Poland South

7. Keller Poland Centre

8. Keller Grundbau DE South (Germany)

9. Keller ME (Middle East)

10. Keller UK 1/2

11. Colcrete Eurodrill, UK

12. Keller UK 1/2

Many thanks to Keller Austria for the excellent organization and the beautiful pictures from the tournament and Keller Polska for their video.

Keller Cup 2015 - Group
Keller Cup 2015
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