Keller is the world’s leading ground engineering specialist. Numerous local brands and companies are part of the global Keller Group. Going forward, all these brands will operate under a common logo framework to underline the strength and global presence of the Keller brand. For the companies with Keller in their brand name it will be a smooth transition as the diamonds have now been aligned to the left. The font itself and the blue color have been slightly refreshed and modernized.

These new principles have been translated to all companies within the global Keller Group, in particular to those, who are operating under their local brand name. The Egypt branch of Genco will have the same two diamonds on the left and the name in the same font and color as the new Keller brand. The additional subline “A Keller Company” underlines the affiliation to the Keller Group.

With this approach Keller will maintain its strong local presence and will continue to strengthen its global visibility as a group.

New Keller Logo
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