Our CEO and Senior-Management at Keller have participated in the 23rd Wadi Bih Run 2015 which is held in Dibba, Oman. The run started from the Golden Tulip Hotel in Dibba for a team of 5 runners on asphalt road then gravel track to an altitude of 1000m (36km) and then returning back to the start with a total distance of 72 km.

The 72km distance, scorching heat and the desert climate made this a very challenging run, nonetheless the Keller team has finished the run successfully and came in 1st for the category of ‘’Independent Worldwide Operating Geotechnical Foundation and Soil Improvement Contractors’’ which is a very special category!

We would like to congratulate the Keller athletes for their successful completion of the Wadi Bih Run 2015!

Wadi Bih Run 2015
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